Melody Learning Center

Families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and/ or other developmental or behavioral problems are guided by Consultants at the Melody Learning Center under supervision in Germany and German-speaking part of Switzerland.

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Queen’s University Belfast

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re-inform Neurofeedback

At the Bio and Neurofeedback Center children and adults train their mental abilities to change their behavior and thought patterns in the direction they want. We strife for more self-determination, well-being, and vitality.

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Moto Therapeutic Riding

Moto therapeutic riding includes the integral facilitation of all senses. Human beings can reinvent themselves while working with horses. The character of a horse, it’s body and all necessary work such as cleaning, feeding, grooming, etc. has the same significance like riding or guiding a horse. Through this holistic approach all areas of human life can be addressed. This experience represents a new opportunity for communication and to overcome deficiencies.

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Dr. Edith Schneider – Neuro-feedback, Bio-feedback, and occupational therapy practice

Biofeedback and neurofeedback: better performance without medication

Studies have shown the effectiveness in dealing with attention deficit disorder, autism, impulsivity, hyperactivity, migraine, insomnia, tinnitus, and epilepsy.

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Katja Pleterski

All parents know that parenting is beautiful and exhilarating. But it can also be very stressful. Raising healthy children already is a big challenge. However, if a child is chronically ill or has a disability, the challenges are many times higher and the entire family system can be shaken to it’s core. As a mother of a severely autistic child and as a psychologist and coach Katja Pleterski wants to make her knowledge and experience available how to strengthen mothers or fathers of a handicapped child.

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Andrea Leiherr Logopaedia Practice

Speech therapy is a part of primary care. The regulations regarding language, speech and voice therapy is based on the German remedies directive.

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HundeVeda offers you the opportunity to learn together with your dog. As part of an individual training the team assists you in understanding dog senses and the design of a holistic human dog relationship.

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