Autism and vacation: the difficulties

High every day stress

Adults and families with kids who are diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder or other behavioral problems carry a heavy burden in their daily lives.

Also, parents need to attribute a lot of time and effort into finding the right assistance and the therapeutical support for their children, not to speak of dealing with bureaucratic complexities, such as the communication with public officials, or doctors.

Often, family life revolves around the needs of the child or adult in need. But not only there are other siblings who deserve attention, also many parents have a job as well.


An autism spectrum disorder is considered a “severe developmental disorder”. It covers a wide field of different disturbances, among others:

  • Missing communication
  • Impairment of social interactions
  • Rejection of body contact
  • Strong emotional outbursts in changes or strong sense.
  • People with autistic syndromes often need the entire life support and care

Take a time-out

A time-out from this demanding and exhausting daily life is basically non-existent for theses families. Health insurance companies offer family cures. However, these are no real alternative since the facilities they have in their program are often not equipped for the demands of this target group.

This framework makes it almost impossible to relax and recreate. Nevertheless, there is a need  and it is extremely important to find leisure time in order to provide long term care for the affected family member, often far beyond the 18th birthday.

Here is where Aut-Zeit (Time-out) starts.