The Autzeit foundation team consists of the following three members, which we would like to introduce to you:

Katja Pleterski

Managing Director

Katja Pleterski, mother of a daughter (born 2005) and a son with autism spectrum disorder (born 2013), is a psychologist and coach. Through her personal involvement, she brings the knowledge of the needs of affected parents, siblings to the Aut-Zeit/ Time-out- project. Moreover, through her experience with different therapeutic services in the last decade she has acquired a highly professional but also application-oriented expertise.

Niels Schumann

Managing Director

Niels Schumann, the forefather of the idea Aut-Zeit/ Time-out brings his knowledge of his almost 20 years career as a banker and business economist in major international projects to the team. In his professional work he is in charge of the development and management of operational units at home and abroad and brings this expertise in structuring and planning to the Aut-Zeit/ Time-out project.

He grew up “in the shadow of” a special sister. Therefore he understands the perspective and position of other siblings in the family very well.

Julia Täuber

Project Manager

Julia Täuber has been working together with Katja’s son Aron since 2011 in the position of an integration and therapeutical assistant and ABA/VB therapist. As a trained occupational therapist she has found her calling in working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by working with Aron. With a lot of enthusiasm and a high level of expertise in dealing with children with an autism spectrum disorder, she contributes a considerable part of the research and the specific design to the framework of Aut-Zeit/ Time-out.

Anja Rosenbaum

Technische Zeichnerin, Reittherapeutin für Mototherapeutisches Reiten, ABA/VB-Therapeutin

Arbeitet seit 2007 mit Katja’s Sohn Aron in der Reittherapie und seit 2016 als ABA/VB-Therapeutin. Schon seit vielen Jahren liegen ihr Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene mit und ohne Handicap am Herzen in ehrenamtlichen Tätigkeiten und bei Freizeiten. Inzwischen nimmt der therapeutische Bereich, u.a. in Bereich Autismus, einen grossen Teil ihrer beruflichen Tätigkeit ein. Seit Januar 2018 unterstützt sie uns bei administrativen Tätigkeiten und im Bereich Fundraising.

In addition to these three, this project gets a lot of support from helping hands in professional planning, financing, organizing, as well as mentoring. A big salute goes out to all our supporters, thank you so much!